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"Finding this consulting service was exactly what I needed to start my Montessori journey. Neus helped me understand how creating an appropriate playspace for my baby would support his development. She explained the core principles and gave me tips for the following milestones. Her real experiences and kindness inspired me to continue this path and learn more"


I enjoyed my assessment with Neus because not only was she kind, empathetic, and relatable, but she generously shared her knowledge with me. I could tell she genuinely cared. She listened to all the questions I had and answered them with practical information and advice. After our talk, I was much more informed, empowered and motivated. I immediately started recommending her with all my close friends who I knew could benefit from her knowledge and content.


I was really lucky to find Neus on my Montessori Journey. I am a full time working mom and I did't have time to read books about the philosophy. So I contacted Neus and she explained and dedicated her time to support our family in this new journey. I started small and by the time I put in practice everything I learned I could see that my son was a happier child. It changed our lives! Thank you so much!